Prayer Ordered Clocks: Digital Product (Morning, Afternoon & Evening Prayers) +Free Bonus Gifts SKU: 193523

Prayer Ordered Clocks: Morning, Afternoon and Evening Prayers. 

Six Facets to Develop as We Grow Through the Work of Prayer.    

Digital Downloadable Product providing prayer order for our days!

Beloved -God will come wherever you create space for Him! You have 24-hour- Around the clock access.

 ***Free Bonus Gifts Inside ! - Prayer Journal and Audio Playlist ***


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Why is it important to pray in this manner? Simply put, your prayers matter! You are called to pray (Ephesians 6:9, 18). Yes, even you! I believe God’s intention is for each of us to embody and become individual houses of prayer where the fire on the prayer altar never dissipates but burns eternally with our prayer offerings.

If you feel like life's moments are passing you by without an opportunity to pray or connect with God, then this tool is for you. Maybe you're sitting in a cubicle, at a soccer game or ballet recital longing for fellowship but feeling disconnected; then this book is for you. Maybe you have too much free time and are unable to maximize your productivity. If this is true, perhaps becoming aware of all of the time you do have and engaging in specific prayers, timeframes and structure will afford you a greater grace and revelation by the Spirit of God.

Relieving the stress of trying to figure it out allows prayers to flow, offering reconnection and a renewed fellowship and exciting hope.

Please continue to pray Psalm 91 for yourself and loved ones as I am praying for us all. May you grow in Grace. Whether you are in quarantine  or surround by loved ones; Greater Works Shall You Accomplish through Prayer.